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Antonin Jousse
Visual Artist - Researcher - Lecturer

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The Internet, The New Outside.
This conference took place on Instagram for the Reconnect Festival the may 1st at 4.00pm.

The web is not an immaterial network protected from social, political or economic variations. On the contrary, it is the technical material form on which our perception of the world depends.

In the current global health context, it reveals the paradoxes that constitute it. It is becoming an indispensable tool for communicating with others and a population control tool of unimaginable effectiveness.

And in the middle, the artists propose forms, uses, conceptions of the web and technologies that allow us to explore its characteristics and limits; to reveal its nature.

The conference take place online in this adress: @reconnectfestival

Instagram picture of the event, at left the portrait of Antonin Jousse, at right the title in farsi and english