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Antonin Jousse
Ph.D. Candidate - Visual Artist

My thesis
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Languages and Digital Sensorialities

Two years as an associate artist at the Espace Croisé - contemporary art center.
This document summarizes in French two years of work associated with the contemporary art center Espace Croisé. During two years, I was given the opportunity to participate in a creation residency and an exhibition, to curate an exhibition, to lead several workshops with young people and teenagers, to give several conferences, etc.

Le cloud n'est pas un nuage.

Festival "Zéro Déchet", Claire's Convent, Roubaix.
Contrary to the marketing speeches made by a number of digital industry players since the 2000s, the cloud is not a cloud. In any case, it is not an impalpable entity floating freely above our heads. No, this cloud, or Internet, is quite palpable, it is attached to our planet.


The Internet, The New Outside.

This conference took place on Instagram for the Reconnect Festival.
The web is not an immaterial network protected from social, political or economic variations.
In the current global health context, it reveals the paradoxes that constitute it. It is becoming an indispensable tool for communicating with others and a population control tool of unimaginable effectiveness.
And in the middle, the artists propose forms, uses, conceptions of the web and technologies that allow us to explore its characteristics and limits; to reveal its nature.

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What's my thesis about?

This short text presents in English and French the subject of my thesis entitled "Interactivity in digital art, an aesthetics of control". This document summarizes the stakes of this theoretical work on the practice of contemporary artists exploring the digital medium since the early 2000s.

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List - personal and not exhaustive - of "digital" artists

This list is made (and regularly updated) as part of my thesis work. It is neither representative of all the artists using digital as a medium, nor exhaustive. It is simply a question of sharing a group of artists whose practices I have studied and whose questions seem to me relevant in the context of my research. The list is in alphabetical order and each name is clickable, each artist is named by his or her last and first name.


Humains et machines : parlons-nous le même langage ?

This day was organized by Antonin Jousse in collaboration with the Condition Publique and the Espace Croisé. These conferences invite us to reflect on the man-machine relationship within the framework of contemporary artistic creations. The objective is to study the critical and aesthetic potential of the machine used within works of art.

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The Punishment, une esthétique du contrôle (FR)

L’artiste Filipe Vilas-Boas réalise en 2017 une de ses œuvres majeures The Punishment (La punition). Cette installation présente un bras robotique installé à un bureau d’écolier pour y « écrire des lignes ». En effet, le robot est contraint de recopier sur les pages d’un bloc-notes « I must not hurt human » (« Je ne dois pas blesser un humain »).

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Documentary about TADAEX Festival, Tehran

Documentary of the 8th edition of Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition (TADAEX) where Ali Honarvar and I presented the creation Digital Realities #1.

Panel Discussion with Fabien Zocco about his new exhibition "Dialogues Machines"

Round table organized by the Espace Croisé during the opening of the exhibition Dialogues Machines by the artist Fabien Zocco. During this event I was invited by the Espace Croisé and the artist to discuss with him around the theme of machine language, discussions between machine and human and the writing of new languages.

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