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Antonin Jousse
Visual Artist - Researcher - Lecturer

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Mémoires des autres mondes
2021, Exposition produit par l'Espace Croisé et La ligne ouverte

This exhibition is produced by Espace Croisé, organized in collaboration with La ligne ouverte and Re-Connect Performance Festival.
Curator: Antonin Jousse

The exhibition Memories of Other Worlds is a journey to the heart of cultures and memories of humanity. It is an exploration of the traces left by these memories, visible in our contemporary digitalized world. The digital is exposed as the result of our modernization. It is presented as the ability to free itself from all rules to become a unique "new" form of perception of the world. However, it has never so much put forward old forms of organization and points of view. What does it do to our memory? How does it represent not our world - as the unified form implied by globalization - but our worlds, composed of multiple cosmogonies, beliefs, societies?

If the search for the new world is an endless human quest that generations perpetuate, what is our contemporary new world? It is today digitized in real time allowing a renewed understanding of our environment. Data makes it possible to record the movements of the smallest forms of life on earth, to organize our contemporary societies and to redefine our ways of living. We are creating a real time memory of our planet, not knowing how to access it, how to protect it and not being able to read it in its entirety.

But in order to understand it, is it not necessary to understand the memory of the old worlds? Not only an official memory, but the unofficial memories, the lost and the unrecorded. How do they reappear with the digital (smartphones, computers, Internet, connected objects)?

The exhibition Memories of Other Worlds explores several tracks:
- Memory, its materiality and technicality
- Totems and ritual objects - digital
- Symbols, languages and discourses

These themes are addressed in the exhibition by artists from multiple cultures (Germany, France, Iran, Japan, Morocco, Portugal). The works exhibited question these axes, deepen them, cross them or oppose them.

affiche de l'exposition

Poster of the exhibition Mémoires des autres mondes.

vue d'ensemble de l'exposition

Exhibition Mémoires des autres mondes

Installation oh my de Noriyuki Suzuki. Des enceintes rondes sont posées sur fond blanc

Noriyuki Suzuki, Oh my ( ), 2017.

Installation data totem de Marcel Schwittlick. Une pile de laptop et de câble RJ45.

Marcel Schwittlick, Data Totem, 2019.

Installation loading de Filipe Vilas-Boas. Une sculpture en plâtre de l'enfant Jésus couronné d'une roue de chargement lumineuse.

Filipe Vilas-Boas, [Loading...], 2019.

Image verte et projection, installation des deux artistes iraniens.

Maryam Katan and Shaahin Peymani, Dry Sterilizer, 2018.

Peinture représentant des formes géométriques et des pixels bleus.

Rachid Boukharta, Tetris, since 2020.

Les deux écrans montrant les lectures aléatoires et des phrases sélectionnées.

Rossella Piccinno, Happening de lecture aléatoire, 2021.

image de l'installation réalisée en résidence

Maryam Katan and Filipe Vilas-Boas, We Stash, 2021.

image de l'installation réalisée en résidence

Maryam Katan and Filipe Vilas-Boas, We Stash, 2021.