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DIGITAL REALITIES #1 (with Ali Honarvar)

scultpure, generated images, 3D, interactive, medias
Production: TADAEX Festival, Shabnam Rahimian

Digital Realities was created and presented at TADAEX festival (Tehran Annual Digital Art EXhibition) in November 2018. Ali Honarvar, an Iranian artist and designer, and I collaborated on this multimedia installation. This work questions the Eastern and Western views on our respective cultures and especially the media and digital rereadings that are given.

Ali Honarvar develops a sculpture inspired by traditional Iranian architecture, its patterns and geometries. For my part, I develop a logic of 3D scan and machine gaze, I wish here to have only an automated gaze, supposedly devoid of any cultural influence. The forms thus scanned are diffused on four screens which surround the sculpture and modulate its visibility. They are the only source of light to see the central sculpture and if the public approaches, cameras detect its presence and interfere with the diffusion, making impossible the visibility of the physical object and its translation in image. The digital device pushes the public outside the device and inscribes it to look only at the media translation of the forms.