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DIGITAL REALITIES #2 (with Ali Honarvar)

scultpure, generated images, database, medias
Production: Espace Croisé, Shabnam Rahimian, Centre culturel de la France en Iran

Digital Realities #2 is an installation composed of a sculpture by Iranian artist Ali Honarvar and two projections of real-time 3D views of the sculpture. This work questions the notion of cultural re-reading and distortion of information through digital media. The sculpture is constructed from Iranian motifs and plant forms. The digital system consists of an infrared camera that attempts to analyze the sculpture in real time and a program that constructs an image from this view. What is missing in the capture is completed in patterns drawn from a database of images. These are derived from Iranian patterns from Shiraz, Ali Honarvar's hometown (fabrics, carpets, architecture, etc.) and the textures of the sculpture.

This project studies the limits of computer and media vision: limits of memory (database) and image analysis.

Digital realities #2 is produced by Espace Croisé, Roubaix and curated by Shabnam Rahimian who develop a large project of artistic exchange between France and Iran (the first version of this creation was developed in this project).